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Allergy Ease Blend

Product on rose quartz
Allergy Ease

Why Choose Allergy Ease?

If you're like me, you've had allergies most of your life. Sometimes my nasal passages were so inflamed, it hurt to breathe out of my nose. They felt raw and swollen. Spring, usually my favorite time of year quickly became a time of being uncomfortable and not able to enjoy the smaller things of the season, like smelling the flowers.

That's why I created this blend. I wanted relief from the flowering plants, shrubs and trees around me so I could enjoy my favorite season. I was sick of taking antihistamines to feel normal. I wanted something more natural that didn't affect my stomach. These herbs are safe to take daily and shouldn't affect your stomach, unless of course, you're allergic to them; oh, the irony!

What's in the Allergy Ease blend?

Allergy Ease consists of 3 herbs: Mullein, Golden Rod and Dead Nettle. All 3 herbs are sourced personally by me from my yard or from my local area here in Massachusetts. Each herb is harvested at different times of the year for optimal results. They each have their own unique property that makes for a well rounded blend. Let's get into each herb individually.


Nature's toilet paper!

If you're not familiar with mullein, I'll bet you've seen it without realizing it. This plant is a crawler meaning, its roots crawl out for sometimes miles, popping out tons of plants throughout its reach. You can easily see a field of mullein growing on the cliff of a mountain or in a gas station parking lot. They are not picky and will grow in really any type of soil. Driving cross country, you can often see this plant on the side of the highway or hilltop.

1st year mullein
1st year mullein

Mullein is a biannual plant. Biannual means the plant lives for 2 years instead of 1 like annuals. In the first year, mullein looks like a rosette. It has fuzzy pale green leaves that are sometimes known as nature's toilet paper. Native Americans often used the leaves in smoking blends because of its affects to the lungs. It's great for asthma attacks too. Soldiers often used the leaves as gauze or bandaids for wounds. In its second year, mullein shoots up a beautiful, long stalk of yellow flowers. The bees love these flowers because they're filled with a succulent resin!

For the blend-

We harvest the roots right before the plant's second year. When mullein goes dormant, energy is stored in the roots to send up the stalk for the second year flowers. Harvesting during this time ensures the roots are packed with the nutrients we need for the blend. Being an expectorant, it may help to break up the phlegm caught in the lungs and nasal passages. Using mullein will often cause you to cough up gunk or have a runny nose for a little bit, that's a good thing! Would you rather all that yucki-ness be in your body? Gross! Don't worry though, it will soon even out once all the gunk is out of your system. This mullein was harvested from my yard and in a local field here in Plymouth, MA.

Golden Rod

Not to blame for your allergies!

Most people think golden rod causes their allergy symptoms. This is a common misconception because Ragweed (the real allergen) blooms at the same time. Ragweed pollen is light and easily spread by the wind. On the other hand, Golden rod pollen is heavy and is more often spread by insects. Its pollen is too heavy to be lifted by the wind. Some research shows that golden rod can actually be the key to combatting a Ragweed allergy!

Golden Rod
Golden Rod

For the blend-

The flowers are harvested at peak bloom for maximum affect. The flowers are fully open and a bright yellow color. If a plant could be an emotion, Golden rod would be happy. It looks like a bright, happy sun when it's in full bloom. It is a decongestant with powerful anti inflammatory properties. It's particularly effective in drying up the sinsuses. This golden rod was harvested from my parents backyard in Dartmouth, MA.

Dead Nettle

The first sign of spring!

Dead Nettle is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. If your winters are milder, you can probably see them all winter long. This winter here in MA it was pretty mild and the nettle was dying and regrowing throughout the entire season. The leaves never really got that deep purple color, but they were out there mixed throughout the moss and grassy areas. They aren't afraid of a little cold.

Dead Nettle has been known to help with hay fever and allergy symptoms. They inhibit the release of prostaglandins which tell our body to restrict the airways or create a fever to fight an infection. Quercetin is also a compound found in dead nettle and can be an effective antihistamine. It could particularly be beneficial to those of us with rhinitis.

Dead Nettle Patch
Dead Nettle Patch

For the blend-

We harvest the dead nettle right before the flowers form. The reason for this is because lots of energy is put into making the flower. We harvest at the perfect time so that energy is still in the leaves. Personally, you can find me munching on some dead nettle leaves while walking around the garden. I'll often make a tea with just dead nettle leaves because they are so effective in relieving the symptoms in the respiratory system. I must warn you if you decide to make a tea yourself, they do resemble the taste of dirt so unless you're into that sort of thing, I'd recommend adding another herb like lemon balm or spearmint for a tasty beverage. This dead nettle was also harvested from my parents yard.

How is Allergy Ease made?

This blend was made under the new moon. The intention was to infuse the inward energy of the new moon into the tincture. With new moons, it's really about reflection and looking within for guidance or things you'd like to be aware of or work on. It's about realizing that we hold the power when it comes to our reactions and our outlook on stress and life. Using the new moon energy to look within in this way helps us to become more aware in the way we go about life. I thought this was a great intention for the allergy tincture because there's a lot happening with allergies that we may not be aware of.

An allergist once told me to think of histamines like a bucket. Your body can handle up to the rim of that bucket without symptoms. So if you're eating something you're sensitive to, it goes in the bucket. You're allergic to your cat, chuck it in the bucket. The spring trees bloom and that tops off the bucket. Sooner or later your bucket will start to overflow and you start feeling symptomatic. I wanted to honor our inner bodies in this infusion and give it that extra magic to boost the stuff that maybe underlying and we're not noticing. Hoping to shed some light on those parts of us that are hidden under the surface and give a little energy to move that stuck stuff out. That's my hope for you with this tincture.

Montana 2021 camping full moon in the trees
Montana Full Moon

Who can use this tincture?

The formula listed above is great for adults. The tincture is infused with Vodka and can be added to your coffee or tea without noticing. I also wanted to make a formula suitable for children. My nieces and nephews suffer from allergy symptoms and I wanted to make something they could use too!

Is there a kid friendly option?

YES! So many children are suffering from allergies today. I wanted to make a tincture that kids could use too. In the kid friendly Allergy Ease you'll find Mullein and Dead Nettle. Golden Rod doesn't have sufficient testing on children so I decided to leave it out for safety purposes. The children safe formula is made with vegetable glycerine. There are 2 flavors available, Strawberry Ginger and Apple Honey. Tinctures are known to not taste the best. I hope the flavor excites your children to take their herbs, and enjoy doing so! Click the picture below to purchase one today!

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