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Alleviate your allergy symptoms with this subtle, natural blend. This formula can help with sinus pressure, itchy eyes and mucus caused by seasonal allergies! Never take an allergy pill again!


FUN FACT: I use to take an allergy pill (you know the ones) every single day (sometimes TWICE a day). Without knowing, I was damaging my liver and stomach. Finally I found these herbs and set out to try and elliviate my symptoms with them instead of the chemicals that are allergy pills. After a few weeks of using the herbs, I started to feel like myself! No itchy eyes and nose, no constant sneezing, no sinus pressure!


Don't take my word for it.  Try it for yourself! You do have to take it consistently for a couple weeks to build up the herbs in your system. I promise you, IT'S WORTH IT!


Ingredients: Locally grown and foraged Dead Nettle, Golden Rod & Mullein infused in alcohol. 

Allergy Ease

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  • This product comes in a 1oz amber glass bottle

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