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Welcome to My Blog: Crystal Clear!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

With Crystal's Holistic Garden

Telluride, CO Trail

First I want to thank you for subscribing to my blog! Your support means so much to me as I get comfortable sharing thoughts from my heart and mind. This is a new venture for me and while it's scary starting this blog, I know it will open a whole new world. When something seems scary, it is often the key that opens a magical door. Have you ever overcome a fear or done something you thought you could never do? How did you feel afterward? Accomplished? Confident? Ready to take on the world?

It's the same feeling I had when I tried rock climbing. Scared of heights, I thought "No way can I do this". A good friend talked me into it and I went to the climbing gym. It was extremely intimidating and I was terrified. Everyone was belaying like professionals and climbing seemingly impossible routes, I questioned what I was doing there. I couldn't even climb a ladder and not feel my legs go numb below me, how would I climb up this wall?

I suited up and learned how to tie myself to the line. My friend tied to the other end, all there was left to do was climb. "Dude on wall" I said (that's what you say to let the other person know you're starting your climb) and off I went. One foot, then the other, pushing and pulling myself up. I could feel my back and leg muscles working, it's so much harder than it looks.

I got half way up the wall before I realized how high I was. I looked down and froze; I couldn't move another inch. As I came back down the wall I realized, I did it! I couldn't believe that I climbed a rock wall; I was so proud of myself. I couldn't finish the route but that didn't matter because I didn't think I could do the little bit I actually accomplished. I felt confident and thought,

I am a bad ass!

Overcoming my fear of heights made me feel powerful, like I could do anything. I climbed so many times after that, I was hooked. It taught me that I can do anything. It's cliché and corny but it's true, you really can do anything you set your mind to. The same goes for this blog. I feel like I'm at the wall again tying myself up for the first time, ready to climb. I know I will get that same feeling of confidence every time I complete a blog. I hope you enjoy taking this adventure with me, buckle up!

Devil's Tower
The magnitude of Devil's Tower

What to Expect From the Blog

You can expect a variety of different aspects of my life. I'll write about things I'm currently going thru or projects and products I'm creating. Sometimes I'll talk about plants and gardening, other blogs will be about healthy, holistic lifestyle tips and tricks. I may even share some recipes I love. I'll talk about my experiences, hardships and throw in some science along the way.

My Vision

The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to live and be a healthier you. I hope you see one of my blogs and it ignites a spark in you to add a healthy habit to your lifestyle. Maybe a blog inspires you to expand your mind and see a different point of view. I want this to be an open dialogue forum and encourage your thoughts and comments on any topic you'd like to share. Like, comment and share this blog if you found it helpful, Spread the word!

If you like my thoughts and tips REACH OUT BELOW I'd love to work with you one on one.

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